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Caba is a pioneering engineering company in energy efficiency consultancy and the integration of renewable energies. It uses engineering resources to optimise the energy consumption of buildings and make them more profitable.
We specialize in energy efficiency engineering and consulting and the integration of renewable energies. We provide solutions to projects by combining engineering, efficient energy solutions and consulting with the incorporation of renewable energies. The end result: sustainable buildings that are profitable to both users and promoters, the environment and the future.

Sustainable engineering brings added value to progress. This is why we have placed our bets on such progress, through the prism of efficiency, the reduction of CO2 emissions and the optimization of energy use... Through the prism of a commitment to the present, for the future.

Caba was born when the concern for energy efficiency and the building standards and legislation referring to it was just beginning to come to the fore.

Since then the professionals forming part of this energy engineering and consulting firm have developed groundbreaking projects in several economic sector, such as educational, community health and cultural facilities, subsidized and private housing, industrial plants, office buildings, etc.

Operating strictly on the national level in our first few years in business, our first leap overseas came with our entrance into Moroccan market in 2009.
  The Philosophy of Caba:
The building industry is undergoing a time of transformation and is heading towards a future where renewable energies and energy efficiency will play crucial roles. Examining a building’s energy consumption and finding out how to optimize it is becoming a highly valuable and indispensable process in providing buildings with the most appropriate and profitable solutions to all aspects of the project.

Engineering has been seen to be a key method of successfully yielding this process and at Caba we identify our core values as strength, professionalism, flexibility, proximity and experience so as to offer client-oriented solutions.