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Caba structures its services into four main specialised business lines that operate in a coordinated fashion whenever required to do so by a project.

The Engineering Area is dedicated to developing utilities projects and operates in sectors as diverse as public facilities, service sectors, and subsidized and private housing.

In-depth knowledge of the current building standards which counts on specialists in different utilities fields allows us to offer solutions adapted to the particularities that each project requires, with the added value and dedication to energy efficiency and sustainability that make Caba stand apart.

Services in the Engineering area:

BUILDING UTILITY PROJECTS: Development of draft, base and final projects for mechanical, electrical and specific utilities; certification and legalization of utilities as to standard requirements
- Electrical and lighting systems: low voltage (LV), medium voltage (MV), lighting
- Mechanical systems: utility centralization, heating, climate systems, and solar energy, ventilation and fume exhaust installations
- Gas and pressurized equipment installations
- Fire extinguishing installations
- Special and controlled audiovisual and data, installations,
- Common telecommunication installations
- Water utilities: drinking water supply and distribution, wastewater and drainage/rainwater reutilization systems

- CTE DB-HE2 – R.I.T.E: calculation and justification of the compliance with the regulations regarding building heating systems (RITE) and DB-HE2 of the Building Code (CTE)
- CTE DB-HE3: performance verification for lighting systems in document DB-HE3 of the Building Code (CTE)