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Caba structures its services into four main specialised business lines that operate in a coordinated fashion whenever required to do so by a project.
Energy systems:
Every building has certain specific energy needs and the solutions that need to be applied also must be custom designed. This is the task of the Energy Systems Area, which is dedicated to defining and drafting the energy supply projects that are most appropriate to the requirements of each building, enabling its integration into the demand environment. High energy efficiency projects (Cogeneration and Trigeneration) and renewable energy are the two principal means of providing optimal energy solutions. Governments and energy service enterprises (ESE) are the main applicants of efficient energy solutions.
Services in the energy systems area:

Renewable energies: defined as a clean, free and, above all, interminable source of energy. Renewable energies have become an added value in the last few years, not only thanks to their environmental impact, but also for their performance.
- Thermal solar energy
- Photovoltaic solar energy
- Geothermal energy
- Biomass
- Mini-wind energy

• High efficiency systems:
- Cogeneration
- Trigeneration