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Caba structures its services into four main specialised business lines that operate in a coordinated fashion whenever required to do so by a project.
Energy consulting:

The reduction of energy demand and consumption and the creation of efficient and sustainable systems are the two main purposes of the Energy Consulting Area. It is here where Caba offers all their technical support and assessment in order to define the energy measures which each specific project requires so as to improve, optimize and estimate the necessary consumption, always in accordance with the framework of current standards.

Caba consultants start with advanced building simulation phases and energy action plans, among other tools, to offer project assessment at any stage.

Caba offers impartiality when determining the solutions that would best suit the execution of each project. Apart from transparency and information on the proposals under consideration, the final and most optimal decisions are reached together.

Services in the Energy Consulting area:

CTE DB-HE1 and RD47/2007 – LIDER and CALENER VYP / GT:
- Building energy evaluation assessment
- Specialization in calculating the energy demand and qualification through LIDER or simplified options to comply with document DB-HE1 of the Building Code (CTE)

- Dynamic studies of advanced energy demand with load studies
- Building energy simulations with Energy + software (Building Technologies Program)

- Technical support in the building design and construction processes along the parameters of various certificate systems in efficient and sustainable construction on an international scope (LEED, Greenbuilding...)

- Architectural assessment and design with the incorporation of eco-efficiency parameters (orientation, materials, enclosure compositions, natural ventilation, etc…)
- Custom studies for the personalized evaluation and integration of energy solutions that are respectful to the environment

- Energy audits in existing building in order to carry out energy diagnoses and the study of the possibilities to improve the building’s energy efficiency
- Energy diagnosis and auditing of municipal facilities
- Studies in efficiency and savings oriented toward improving a building’s energy qualifications